How should I feed my female dog during pregnancy? How much exercise must it get?

You don't need to change the diet till the third and last part of the pregnancy, when fetuses start to grow. At the age of six weeks, for example, developing puppies of a female hound dog weighing 13 kilograms, have 14 grams of weight each one. Normally, you should increase food in 10% weekly, starting on the sixth week after mating.It is also convenient, to divide the daily ration in many smaller proportions, cause while growing, fetuses reduce the stomach capacity at the same time as the mother needs more food.

How much exercise should my pregnant dog get?

In the first weeks do not change anything. In the last part, however, your female dog can show some indifference to walk as usual with you. Don't push here if she refuses. At the end of her pregnancy she would have an additional 7 kilograms of weight, in case of bigger breeds. During this time, try to prevent jumping; which does not excludes some other exercise to keep her muscles healthy.

How should I prepare for birth?

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