How to deal with an anxious dog. How to get dog used to being alone.

How to deal with an anxious dog: The behavior problems that occur because of anxiety can sometimes be difficult to get rid of, and it's almost always necessary to get the help of a behavior specialist in order to help your dog. Remember that it is very important you do not punish your dog for having damaged something of yours, or if the dog has done his needs in the house in your absence etc. Dogs know when their owners are going to get upset because of the expressions the owner puts on his face and they tend to have a guilty expression on their face when they see their owner's reaction. Grabbing at the dog and getting upset will only make the dog more anxious because the dog at that moment will not even remember what it is he did wrong. Dogs only remember things by association, meaning that if you want to punish the dog, you will have to do it at the very moment of the crime, otherwise he will simply not remember. If you want to simplify things for you anxious dog, you could ask a friend or family member to come and look after your dog in your absence. There are many people who go to professional dog sitters who charge to be with the dog and accompany him, as well as take him out on his routine walks etc. Either way, you should get the dog to learn to be left alone during short moments of the day. Leave the dog alone in a room (with the door shut) while you are busy in the next room. As soon as the dog has gotten used to this, leave your house for about five minutes, without saying bye to the dog, and do not say hi when you come back in, just don't pay any special attention to the event. Continue prolonging your outings gradually. There are some veterinarians that prescribe anxiety medication in some cases.

How to get your dog used to being alone: There are several tricks you can do to alleviate the loneliness problems your dog might be feeling in your absence. An example of this, don't go out in the morning without having had the dog do exercise and eaten his food, and if possible at a fixed time. When a dog has done exercise and then has food in his stomach, it is very likely the dog will stay asleep when you have to leave the house. Avoid dramatic and long goodbyes; they will only worsen your dog's anxiety. Don't make your leaving the house entering the house a big deal either. Another thing that will help your anxious dog is to leave him a piece of your clothing so he can lie down on. This helps the dog because your smell is on it and it will serve as an emotional aid. You can also leave the television or radio on, and at night you can leave a light on. toys are also highly recommended in these cases, as well as rawhide bones, dog cookies, all of which will help to distract the dog during the moment the worse thing for him is happening which is when you walk out the door.

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