How to Give a Dog a Hair Cut by Breed: Dog Hair Grooming Styles & Cuts

The following are some different types of hairstyles that go according to different breeds and hair types and they are the most common or traditional ones although there are also some new in ones. Some of the hairstyles are not the commercial ones but they are easier to do for a beginner. The puppy look is one of the most sought after hairstyle by dog owners that have dogs with long hair. And it is perfect for people that don't want to waste a lot of time on the upkeep of their dog's hair. This haircut also allows the dog to enjoy the pleasures of going outside and romping around in the grass and it's perfect for older dogs that are usually resistant to letting their owners get the knots and mats out of their hair.

Remember that the beard, whiskers and ears that are trimmed accumulateless dirt and food; therefore it's better for all the parties involved. There are certain types of cuts that are common for certain breeds that involve a lot of work and getting out knots thoroughly. Don't try to rush to get the job done quickly, go at your own pace and make sure the blade is always flat up against the dog's skin. The best area to start out in is a flat and wide part of the dog's body such as the back. This type of haircut is useful for companion dogs; however, normally dogs that are to be used for a dog show get trimmed. It's important to first visualize and look at areas that need to get cut before actually starting.

Dog Breed Haircuts

Afghan Hound haircut

Shih tzu haircut

Airedale terrier haircut

Schnauzer haircut

Bichon frise haircut

Scottish terrier

Poodle haircut

Setter haircut

Variation of poodle haircut

Spitz haircut

American Spaniel haircut

Teckel haircut

English Spaniel haircut

Westie haircut

Collie haircut

Yorkshire terrier haircut

Fox terrier haircut

Let's say you are giving your poodle a haircut; you would have to stop on the top part of its shoulder blade, and at the superior part of its thighs (the paws will need to get done with scissors). Make sure to always be aware of the precautions and to leave the dog's hair a little longer than you had intended since you can then go back and fix it up. Most importantly is to be very careful and attentive at all moments. Remember that a dog that has been trained to be groomed from the moment he is a puppy is more likely to cooperate than a dog that hasn't.

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