How to Treat & Care for a Puppy Dog

Different ways of treating a dog: There are different ways of treating and caring for a puppy or dog and a lot of it depends on the breed although it is important to keep in mind that all newborn puppies need to be treated gently with a lot of love, flexibility, and special care. There are bigger breeds that in the future will have certain characteristics such as hunting dogs, guard dogs, herding dogs, scent hounds etc. for which they will need to develop and grow in a more independent way, and because of this these dogs must not be overly protected. The type of games that you will teach these types of dogs will need to be a little rougher, especially if you are trying to bring out their natural characteristics. Probably the most important thing to be aware of with these types of dogs is that they usually almost always need to be stimulated in different ways so that they do not develop psychological problems due to boredom. Smaller breeds such as lap dogs usually spend a good amount of time on their owner's laps or arms and they are made to be hugged, pet, andspoiled. The dog owner that acquires these types of breeds usually has the intention to do special hairstyles on them and give special treatment to their coats. Therefore it is important the puppy learn how to deal with these things starting from a young age. These types of puppies need to learn to get used to being handled by people and this is generally why people hold them in their arms, cuddle them and put them on their laps. It is also very important for puppies with long coats to learn to be groomed. You can teach your puppy this by brushing his coat so that little by little he becomes used to it to the point where he even likes it. If you are intending on getting a canine with a long coat, you will need to teach him to stand without moving on a table; make sure you are very careful though so that the puppy or dog does not slip, to avoid this you can put an anti slip mat or a towel under the dog's legs. This is also good because it helps the puppy or dog to get used heights, make sure you never lose sight of the puppy though when doing this and you need to calm him down in order to avoid him from jumping onto the floor. Help him by telling him "It's ok", "Good boy" etc. Part of the grooming session also requires for you to check the puppy's paws, ears, eyes, teeth, mouth, anus, coat etc.

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