If your dog is injured

If your dog is injured: If you find your that your dog is having trouble breathing because of an injury to its throat or because of something causing a blockage, do your best to keep your dog calm and perform the Heimlich maneuver on it if needed. Should your dog have an unknown injury that seems to be bad enough to require the veterinarian's intervention make sure that while you are taking the dog to the veterinarian you continue to check your dog for any symptoms like bleeding, choking, broken bones, shock (rapid pulse and general weakness), hypothermia, frostbite, heatstroke and be sure to check that it is breathing and has a good steady pulse etc…
Try and keep your dog as comfortable as possible and don't do anything that could cause your dog more injury or pain.When you have injured dog one of the most important things is to staunch openly bleeding wounds and if your dog is not breathing or has no pulse to perform AR or CPR.
If however you are dealing with a fracture don't move the dog unless you have first taken the necessary precautions or the dog's life is at risk.
Do your best to keep your hurt dog calm. Your dog will probably feel scared, in pain and confused so be sure to treat it with tenderness and concern.
Do not touch any open wounds anything besides sterile bandages unless there are none available. If this is the case you should use the cleanest thing you can, such as a clean handkerchief, bed sheets, towels, etc… As a last resort you could use the inside of your shirt.
Do not give an unconscious dog anything to eat or drink until it has fully come to. Don't give a dog anything alcoholic to drink. A dog that is semi-conscious could vomit and it could accidentally enter into the dog's lungs where it could cause an infection or block the dog's airways causing worse injury.

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