Keeping Male Dogs away from Female

Among the recommended measures that come to mind are: an airtight sealed fence to avoid the scent from escaping or paddle-locked doors – did you know that animals the size of a cocker can manage to unlatch doors. It goes to show how powerful love is! On the market nowadays you can find granulated preparations, straps, wicks or aerosols with which you can build a "fence" of bad odors to ward off any dog that wants to approach yours. The smell will, yes, keep male dogs away from your property for some time. However, this does not scare a male dog that has gone out on a love excursion. It would be better to cover, with a strong scented aerosol spray, any trace of estrus that the dog may have left around the house. Additionally, you could use a normal cologne, as this has a repulsive smell for dogs. Thus, they, the male dogs, won't be attracted; on the contrary, they will noticeably leave in disgust. Another way, although the severest of them all, is the gas gun. The methods here described are useful but do not replace a flawless vigilance over the dog in heat , especially in the last days of the mating period. A suggestion: If you administer chlorophyll preparations to your dog, she will lose her body order, and, in turn, that unique scent which is so irresistible to male dogs.

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