Louis Vuitton Replica Dog Carrier

Wow, was I ever fooled! Not long ago I went to visit an old and very special friend who is as crazy about dogs as I am. So there we were enjoying a wonderful visit together both of us and our dogs. When one afternoon we decided to go out and out she pulls a Louis Vuitton, well I nearly fell over. I just couldn't believe that she could afford something like that. I mean we both have more or less the sLouis Vuitton replica dog carrierame income and although I would love to own one it just is outside of my range. There I am with my mouth agape when she drops an even bigger bombshell. She confides in me that the dog carrier is in fact a Louis Vuitton replica dog carrier. Well I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. A Louis Vuitton replica dog carrier I found out from her is not to hard to find nor to expensive to own. I am now the owner of my own Louis Vuitton replica dog carrier and very happy about it. Of course I make it a habit to use it when going with friends but I have only seen fit to let a select few know the secret of my carrier.

Of course my dog and I look absolutely lovely walking down the street and I feel like a million bucks. The looks of envy I get are worth the trouble and one day who knows, I just might trade in my Louis Vuitton replica dog carrier for the real thing.

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