Dog Training Program - Chart Dog Training Process

Keep track of your training log and keep those detailed notes. It is vital not only so that you can see where you are going.But also you can periodically go back and review to see where the problems are. What methods work best for your dog and the things which maybe need adjustment. When charting your dog's progress use the Ten in a Row rule to decide if it is time for your dog to move onto a new step. Even if he is getting it right a hundred percent of the time. Remember that as with humans dogs sometimes forget and need constant reminders of what is right and wrong. If your dog is displaying undesirable behavior then look for a way to control this and offer him a desirable alternative and then reinforce this alternative. When offering alternative behaviors remember the following.

Keep it simple: Don't offer an alternative that is complicated or complex. Offer simple one step alternatives if possible. Behaviors like Sit or Stay are easy for the dog to reproduce and easy for you to reinforce. Make the alternative something that is incompatible with the undesired behavior. Practice in every opportunity to give your dog a better chance of success.

Plan ahead for success

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