Meat for Dogs. What role in Diet.

Many people take in consideration that meat is the "natural" diet for the dog, although the ancestors preferred the viscera. There are butchers that continue preparing special meat for dogs. It usually from the less attractive for the man and can contain a high level of fat and cartilages compared with the meat for humans. As we indicated before all meats are deficient in minerals. Calcium and phosphorus are inferior at 0.1/1.0 and the calcium level is only about 0.01%. The group B vitamins are present in adequate quantities although not vitamins A, D and E. Rabbit and chickens can provide some protein and be low in fat.

Fish for dogs: White fish and fat fish give a valuable quantity of protein. The fish is an easy meal to digest by dogs and it is a good source for dogs during a convalescence period or when the dog is suffering of some type of food allergy.

Entrails for dogs: The liver provides protein, some fat and all vitamins in free quantities. It is very tasty although it spreads to be laxative but it will not affect their diet, especially for puppies. A slight danger may exist with plentiful vitamin A in the liver. The rumen of the bovine and sheep contains protein of reasonable quality and vitamin B. The stomach of the pig it is similar, as well as lungs, spleen and heart. The kidney also contains vitamin A.

Recipes for Dogs

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