Old Dog and New tricks

Numerous people still believe in the ridiculous theory that a old dog can no longer learn new tricks after a certain time. As a matter of fact, things are very similar in dogs and humans.

Living is Learning:The savage ancestors of our house companions had a very difficult life. Hunting was a severe test of intelligence for wolves and savage dogs. However, Mother Nature endowed various talents on her children to make their hard life easier. For starters, nature left the behavioral area relatively small. Your dog's ancestors had to adapt to the changing hunting environments by discovering and trying new animals/plants as food. Hence, nature left a huge void in wolves and dogs, which they were meant to fill through learning. Obviously this is more difficult then if every thing was pold dog tricksredetermined, but because of it our dogs are smarter than other animals. They are capable of adapting to new situations and learning through their experiences. This means that our dogs are animals with an enhanced capacity to learn, evaluate experiences and modify their own behavior. Furthermore, for the survival in a savage stage, our dog's ancestors were gifted with the ability to cooperate with one another within their pack, making it easier to catch their prey. For this cooperation to become efficient, the wolves and dogs needed to communicate among each other. The facility that a dog has to learn, his innate wish for security and companionship within their pack, and their ability to communicate, are three talents that make possible the marvelous relationship between a man and his dog. In the context of this book, it is important to remember that a dog's ability to learn new things does not disappear at any given moment. The dog that faces constant challenges, receives new tasks at all times, and lives in an active environment, will continue to learn until the last moment of old dog trickhis life. Mental exercises are absolutely necessary, not just for people, but for dogs. This will allow our dogs to have an active, interesting and joyous life.

Games & Tricks Make Dogs Smarter: You should always make an effort to play games with your dog. You know exactly what your dog can accomplish, and taking this into account, you will be able to challenge him. Always respect his need for rest and his limited abilities. Come up with new games and teach him new tricks. For example, you can make your dog find various objects within the house, have him find a hidden person, or play hide and seek. I will assure you he will learn quickly and at the same time enjoy it. Also make sure you can provide your dog with a treat once he overcomes a challenge. In order to achieve these tasks, a dog needs to make his mind work, but he does not necessarily have the best physical condition. Searching and finding objects is one of the most entertaining activities for a dog. old dog game

Teach your dog the names of certain objects and ask him to bring them to you. Andra owns numerous stuffed animals and plastic toys, which are all kept in a box. Whenever she is in the mood to play, she brings the toy I ask for. All dogs enjoy grabbing things and they can do it a nondestructive manner if we showed them how. Send your dog to fetch the mail, the newspaper, clean socks and other important objects. There is no limit to the innovative games you can come up with. It will be a fun experience for you and your dog, and at the same time you will gain your dog's admiration.

Practice word and sign games with your dog. Show him how to bark every time you make a certain signal or how to fake being dead. Just remember all the dog tricks you have seen in television or at the circus, and try to teach them to your dog. This will be beneficial for him, and both of you will be proud of each other every time a game/trick is completed.

Taking Care of your Old Dog

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