Orphan Puppies & Adoption

The mother can die during birth. The dog can be too sick or tired to feed her litter. In all cases, the puppies' become orphans and it is necessary to make a quick decision to save their lives. The first effort is to induce the puppies to suckle when it is possible, even if it is during some minutes, hoping that they receive some of the mother's milk that will give them immunity against illnesses. Heat a very important issue. New puppies should stay in an environmental temperature of about 35º C so they conserve their corporal temperature. The natural process of the normal corporal temperature is 38.5º C and they are not completely effective until one week after the birth. When the mother's hot body is missing, you should provide heat so the puppies do not lose their corporal heat and enter in coma. A box of shoes located in a ventilated closet is a possibility that will allow you to put two or three puppies. An electric heather along a box or next to the dog's bed is effective too; the puppies will learn rather quickly, which side of the box is hot. Other possibilities are the heated beds and the hot bottle of water.

When the puppies are weak by the cold or they lack food, begin to give them a glucose solution of 28 grams in 0.57 liters of water. Administered the solution with a dropper and even with a small spoonful, be careful not to suffocate the puppy. A healthy puppy recovers quickly and it can begin his feeding with milk. Otherwise, consult with a veterinarian. A fresh cow's milk, heated about 60º C and refrigerated, will be good for the first takings, administered every two hours, although their nutritious value is not enough to maintain the normal growth. Powdered milk, dissolved with four parts of boiled water provides enough energy, although it is poor in protein and laxative due to the excessive in lactose. Exist several milks for puppies in the market; some are substitute of the dog's milk. They are those that have a composition to that of the dog's milk but they are extremely expensive. Any type of milk you decide to use administered every four hours with a miniature bottle. The exact quantity varies with the size, age and progresses of the puppies. A new born puppy belonging to a Breed of a medium size with a weight of 340 grams will need about 85 grams of formula, divided in six takings within 24 hours. This quantity will increase quickly so that when the weaning begins between 2-3 weeks, the puppy will weigh 900 grams, consuming 244 grams per day divided in four takings. It is very important to weigh the orphan puppies everyday to be sure they are gaining weigh. Do not forget other necessities. You must continue maintaining the puppies warm and clean their boxes frequently. After a week, reduce the temperature gradually between 24-27º C. The breeding by hand requires a lot of time and patience; the weaning began as soon as they allow the puppies to progress.

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