Post-Surgery Dog Care Attention: After surgery care for dog

If it's important to make sure all the surgery procedures prior to the operation are met with care, it's even more important to give your dog an appropriate post surgical attention, so the recovery is flawless and your dog is once again healthy.

Postoperative recovery at the clinic

  • Once the intervention has finished, the animal will be transferred to a warm room, placed in a stretcher on top of a table, in the floor, or inside a spacious cage, covered with a blanket to keep it's body temperature constant
  • The veterinarian will maintain constant guard on the dog until its fully awake, depending on the kind of anesthesia the animal was under, and its metabolism
  • In some cases it'll be necessary to give antibiotics or other protectors to the animal through a shot, mixed with specific serum according to the most appropriate therapy

First hours of at home care after the dog surgery

  • The animal should have a wide and spacious bed, not elevated, where it feels perfectly comfortable
  • Its fundamental that the dog urinates soon after the recovery so that your animal gets rid of any residues of anesthesia in the body
  • During the first hours, control that your animal is fully awake and not dozing off frequently, with good reaction to words, stimulative actions, etc
  • Respect rigorously the veterinarian's instructions, specially those regarding liquid consumption, solid meals and medication Symptoms that something is not going well with your dog
  • Drowsiness, semi-unconsciousness or unconscious
  • Incapable to urinate after the first 24 hours
  • Urinates with blood remains
  • Unable to defecate after the first 48 hours
  • Dregs with blood remains
  • Spasms or convulsions
  • Body temperature above 39°C
  • Hives visible or other allergic manifestations in any zone of the body
  • Pus and/ or unpleasant odor from the wound
  • Symptoms of hemorrhage (internal or external)

Everything the dog owner must know before returning home

  • When should the first liquids be given?
  • When can the dog eat for the first time?
  • When is it ok to let the dog go out to the street?
  • What medicines are required?
  • When should the first post-operation revision be made?
  • When should you be suspicious that a post-operation problem is occurring?
  • When and how should you try to heal your dog?
  • How often should the dog's temperature be checked

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