Processed Food That Can Be Used For Dogs

Canola Oil: Canola oil has the lowest fat of any other oil that exists. If it is heated to high temperatures it might let off an unpleasant smell. The substitutes that can be used for canola oil are safflower oil and corn oil; however they are not as low in saturated fat.

Carob chips: Carob chips are similar to chocolate chips and are used as such, however they are made from carob. This is one product that has been proven safe for dogs, even for those that are allergic to chocolate.

Corn oil: Corn oil has a high content of polyunsaturated fats and has fatty acids that assist in fighting cholesterol. It is considered a good source of nutrition of fat for dogs. A substitute for corn oil is canola oil.

Molasses: Molasses is made out of refined sugar cane. Blackstrap molasses, which is a dark, slightly sweet, and strong tasting liquid and it is made of the third and final extraction and has more nutrients in it than sorghum which is a molasses that is lighter. Make sure to only use unsulfured molasses.

Peanut butter: Peanut butter is made from crushing or grinding raw peanuts which then turns into a paste. Peanut butter is very rich in protein, calories and fat and it is a good source of niacin, thiamine, potassium and magnesium. When using it in recipes for dogs, make sure to only use the smooth type. There is no substitute for peanut butter.

Safflower oil: Safflower oil is taken from cartham seeds. There is an unrefined version which has an amber color to it and that has a sweet hazelnut savor; the unrefined version has a pale yellow color to it and its flavor is more neutral. This oil oxidizes very quickly.

Vegetable shortening: Vegetable oil is made out of vegetable oils and is solid fat. The hydrogenation process it goes through turns the unsaturated fats into saturated fats. A substitute for vegetable shortening is chilled pork fat.

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