Professional Dog Trainer

There are certain basic and important thingsprofessional dog trainersdo and any other person wanting to be a dog trainer who is intending to train a dog must learn. The dog trainer must always be calm, tactful, persevering, flexible and patient. If the dog trainer is not calm and not able to dominate his nervousness, the whole work program will be useless and ruined. If the dog trainer is not persevering and his determination to continue is not present, the dog will not complete the whole training program leaving him only half trained. A lack of patience will cause the trainer to yell and demand too much of the dog and will affect the dogs willingness to proceed frightening him or causing him to become aggressive. Tolerance is something that includes the ability to overcome any negative situations, rescuing the positive aspects the animal has. Flexibility is the ability to adjust oneself according to the need of each situation. One very important point while correcting a dog is to always and only correct him when he is caught in the act of his naughty behavior (not right after). One very effective way of correcting a dog is by pulling once at his leash, or saying "No, no!' etc. A good dog trainer never physically hits his animal. Hitting will only in return scare a dog or makes him become aggressive; therefore it's dangerous. Remember that mistakes and errors are normal and they must be accepted passively, if the person training the dog is not capable of this, you should get someone else to train the dog. If and when a dog or puppy gets sick, it is important to not train him at those moments because his attention is not complete when he is not feeling well. A sick dog needs and looks for some help and comprehension. Make sure to observe your dog well if he is not attentive to you, he might be sick. The commands you give your dog should always be done using a firm voice but without scaring the dog. Try not to use phrases when talking to the dog, use one word alone for each command and make sure that it is always the same command to each word. Don't use words that sound similar because otherwise you will just confuse the dog. Before attempting to train your dog, you should make sure that he is free of tensions and that all of his physiological needs are met.

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