Puppies & Eating Food they Find. Food Dog Shouldnt Eat

Puppies and food outside: One very important thing your puppy must learn is to never accept food from strangers in the street or food he finds on the street. A dog that is well fed does not eat food from the ground, and if he does, he has a behavior problem that was not taken care of from the very beginning. This is the reason why we must train our puppies and dogs to always eat in the same place and be fed by the same person. Training and teaching your puppy or dog this will avoid him from becoming sick due to rotten food or worse, poisoned by a malicious stranger. Train your puppy by placing a collar on your dog. Have a friend (stranger to the puppy) offer the puppy some food. The puppy will immediately try to get to the food, right at the same time command the dog "No, no, no!" and give the dog a little swat on the top of his muzzle. If the puppy already has the food in his mouth, takeit out of his mouth. Don't show any fear while doing this. Continue practicing this with different people and in different places. You can also leave piece of meat thrown around somewhere but make sure you don't touch it with your hand as you might confuse the puppy. To reinforce the puppy's response, have a stranger offer the puppy a piece of chicken or meat (with no bone). At the moment the puppy goes to grab at it, tell the person who offers the food to the dog to gently swat the puppy on his muzzle. Obviously this will surprise and might even make the puppy become defensive. Praise you puppy for a job well done and continue to repeat as many times as necessary until the puppy completely understands he is not to take food from strangers that offer it to him. It might take some time to get him fully understand, but hang in there, and remember it's for the puppy's safety.

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