Puppies Separation Anxiety - Puppies that are hyper and extremely active puppy behavior:

Dogs are by nature pack animals and do not enjoy being left alone. Puppies are especially prone to suffering loneliness and what is called puppy separation anxiety. Teaching your puppy to cope with being left alone for long periods of time is a very important part of being a responsible dog owner. If you have other pets in the house or family members that work at home then this will of course not be such a big problem. The best way to get your puppy used to being left alone is to start when it is still quite young. Leave the house (and the puppy alone) for a few minutes and then return (but without making a big fuss) and continue on as if nothing happened. Slowly lengthen the amount of time that you are out of the house. This way the puppy learns that some times you need to go out but will always be coming back.
When you do leave your puppy alone in the house make sure that there is nothing it can harm itself on and that it has plenty of fun toys to play with.

Puppies that are hyper and extremely active puppy behavior:

While puppies are by nature extremely playful and rambunctious it is important that they understand that there are limits to what they can do and when and where they can play. When puppies being chewing on everything, biting aggressively during playtime, not stopping what they are doing to respond to your calls or knocking over things then your puppy is showing signs of hyperactivity. Almost every puppy in the world could be considered hyperactive at some point but a puppy that is really suffering from hyperactivity will just take everything to the extreme and not be able to control itself. The best way to help a puppy control itself and not become hyperactive is to be sure that when you are playing with it to always stay within the limits that you have set for what is acceptable and what isn't acceptable behavior. An example of how to do this is if you are playing together and then the puppy starts to bite aggressively you should immediately stop the game and walk away. Or if the puppy just wants to play and play and will not let you work then simply place it in a room by itself so that it understands that there are times when it simply must let you be. Remember that you are after all the "leader of the pack" and the puppy must respect your role.

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