Puppies Strangers & Cars

When taking your puppy out, it's not a good idea to allow strangers and other people to grab and pet him. Doing this is inadequate as it can cause a change of behavior in the animal. In some cases it can cause the puppy to become overly trusting of humans, and it causes them to lose their natural instincts. Whenever a stranger comes or gets near your puppy command him to "Sit", if the puppy tries to go up to the person to play, correct him by telling him "No, no," "Stay", and have the puppy stand next to your left leg. Teach your puppy to not let himself be walked on the leash by other people other than yourself. Some people are big on dog walkers, but there is a problem with it due to the possibility of the puppy contracting diseases, escaping, fights between the dogs etc. These types of indiscriminate mixing of differentbreeds sometimes causes the smaller ones to have to make more of an effort to keep up with the other bigger breeds, and this then causes the puppy to adopt a certain way of walking that is not within the normal characteristics of that puppy. When a dog is getting trained, these types of "communal" walks can sometimes affect their training and confuse them. If you have gotten a puppy or dog to serve you as a companion, you are better off walking him yourself, or hiring a professional dog walker that will make sure to keep up with the training and who will walk him alone.

Dogs and cars: When taking your dog out for a drive, make sure he does not jump into the car without first being ordered or commanded to do so. This is important because it will avoid the dog from jumping into the wrong car in parking lots etc. Teach your puppy or dog to not stick his head out of the widow of a driving vehicle. The strong wind can cause the puppy to get strong congestions, bronchitis, conjunctivitis, etc. It's not recommended to leave a dog inside a car because they dehydrate very quickly especially in places with very hot weather. If for some reason you need to leave the dog in the car for a few minutes, make sure you leave the windows open enough so that air passes through, but not too open so as to avoid the dog or puppy from getting stolen. Never, ever, put your dog inside the trunk of your car. This is extremely dangerous because the toxic gases that come from a moving vehicle are very dangerous! As crazy as this may sound, there are people that actually do this!

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