Puppy Dog Eyes Problems

Because of where and the way how puppy's eyes are, likely problems are to suffer from lesions caused by banging into something or from foreign objects getting in them. Usually a dog is able to handle these kinds of problems on his own, but in the event that they were not able to take care of it themselves, the puppy or dog will need to get special help; the consequences otherwise could be serious. If your dog's eye has something in them, do not allow the dog to rub it. Keep his eye closed for a few seconds so that the tears or secretion get rid of the foreign object inside. If this does not work and you are able to see the foreign object, you will need to lift the upper eyelidoutward and over the inferior eyelid to remove it. Use a handkerchief to clean the dog's eyes to remove the secretions etc. You should ask someone to help you do this to calm the dog down as well. If you find the foreign object is incrusted inside the eye, do not attempt to take it out, and certainly do not put pressure on it as you will just make it go in deeper. Cover the dog's eye with a clean soft cloth, and take the dog to the veterinarian immediately. If your dog gets sand inside his eyes the best way to get rid of it is by washing the dog's eye with some water and a teensy amount of salt then cover the dog's eye or eyes, and take him to the veterinarian at once. Make sure also always check on your puppy's or dog's teeth. Make sure they stay free of bits of food that often times get stuck inside the dog's teeth. It's also a good idea to check on the amount of plaque that forms on the teeth. If you notice an excess of plaque, it will need to be removed. If the excess amount of plaque is not removed it can cause infections and pus that can then affect the dog if he were to swallow it, especially renal problems.

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