Puppy Dog Names

Male or Female Puppy dog names: Choosing a name for your puppy that is both nice sounding and functional is an important part of being a responsible dog owner. For dogs the best names are those that are short and contain only one or at the most two syllables.It is a good idea to try and pick a name that doesn't sound too similar to the basic commands that you will be trying to teach it. Otherwise it could become confused and unhappy. For example you wouldn't want to give your puppy the name "Haye" as every time you call out its name it will mistakenly think you are giving the command "Stay" and the reverse is true too.


It is also important to say the dog's name before any command, as in,
"Spot, Come" or "Spot, Sit". By doing this you will ensure that your dog is giving you its attention when you issue the command.
Whenever your puppy responds to its name and comes to you be sure to show it attention and affection and generous praise for its good behavior.
It is best to avoid calling the puppy to you if you intend to scold it as this could lead to unpleasant associations on the part of the puppy.
The puppy should always associate its name with good stuff not bad stuff.
Since dogs learn to associate the sounds of words with meanings (they don't understand the words you are using, they just hear the sounds) it is always best to use the puppy's full name to call it and not nicknames or other derivatives. If your puppy doesn't respond to your call, do not run after it or it will mistakenly think that you are trying to play and as it gets older will continue this behavior of running off every time you approach.
If the puppy is not responding to your calls then try putting it on a leash and calling to it while tugging on the leash. Be sure to reward heartily when it comes to you.

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