Puppy dog temperatures

Puppy dog body temperatures: A puppy will normally have a body temperature of between 38 C and 39 C. If you find that your puppy has a body temperature higher than 39.5 C then they have a fever. Of course there are some very simple factors that can affect the body temperature of your puppy, like exercise and the like but if there is no obvious explanation for the puppy's elevated temperature then you must assume that they are presenting symptoms of sickness. If your puppy's fever ever gets higher than 40.5 C. you must take it for a visit to the veterinarian as soon as you can.

Puppy's heart: There are about three million dogs diagnosed each year with some type of heart disease. Some of the most common types of heart problems are heart valves not closing properly (and therefore interfering with blood flow) or the thinning and weakening of the heart's inner walls. Some of the symptoms associated with heart disease are coughing, heart palpitations, difficulty breathing and general lethargy. Most heart conditions if not treatment will worsen with time and can lead to full heart failure. In general there is not effective cure for most heart disease, however with treatment your dog's condition and life can improve.

Puppy dog stomach problems: There are many factors that can lead to a puppy suffering from stomach problems but an accumulation of gas is one of the most common causes of pain and discomfort. Bloat is another thing that is a serious and even life threatening condition; most often occurring in breeds with barrel shaped chests like Dobermans and Great Danes. It is thought that bloat is caused by the dog eating large quantities of dry food too quickly. The symptoms of bloat are dry heaving, extreme discomfort, and an abnormally enlarged abdomen. This condition can require surgery and it is vital to seek medical help immediately as if bloat is left untreated it can be fatal.

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