Puppy Ear Infection

If your puppy ears hurt or if you notice that he is trying to scratch his ears and shakes his head, it is probably due to a puppy ear infection. Make sure to always keep your puppy's ears clean by gently cleaning the dog's ears. If you notice there is only wax in it, there is nothing to worry much about, but if you notice blood residue, pus, has a nasty odor, then it could be an infection that requires of veterinarian care. You need to make sure to check the inside of your dogs ears as well as the outside, especially so in the case of breeds with longer ears. These breeds have a tendency to get dust, insects, and parasites on and in their ears because of their big size causing them to sometimes get infections etc and it causes a lot of discomfort and pain to the animal. To alleviate the puppy's pain, you can clean his ear by mixing alcohol and water (twice as much water than alcohol). Never clean the inside of the puppy's ear with any type of object. All you should use in your finger and some cotton. If your puppy has an infection in his ear, you should take him to see the veterinarian.

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