Puppy Skin Problem. Skin Disorder infections

Pure breeds puppies have more of a tendency to be having skin problems and infections. Unfortunately this puppy skin disorders are are not easy to get rid of. These types of problems are things that only a veterinarian can take care of and treat adequately. There are also many different types of allergies that itch very intensely causing the puppy or dog to bite at his skin or coat and this can cause the dog to bite into his own skin causing nasty infections and scabs. Be sure to pay a lot of attention to see if your dog has fleas, lice or ticks as they are common in puppies and dogs. If you find your puppy hasgotten bubble gum on his coat, you can try to remove it by putting some ice on it so that it hardens; this will then allow you to remove it easily. If you are still not able to, you will have to very carefully clip it with some scissors. If your puppy ever happens to step on tar, you will need to immediately massage some olive oil on the puppy's paws, or butter and then clean them with a cloth that has been soaked in oil. Finally, wash it off with soap and water. Never by any means, attempt to use kerosene or petrol to clean the puppy's paws as these can irritate the puppy's delicate skin.

Obviously the easiest way to avoid this accident from happening is to avoid walking on places with wet tar, since it softens with the heat and it can stay stuck onto the puppy's paws.

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