Puppy Toys

Puppies and toys: Like kids, puppies enjoy playing withtoysand it is good to get them as they stimulate the puppy's mind, however, it's very important you get the right kind of toys. Never let your puppy play with anything that is made of metal, or painted toys (they are toxic). Other dangerous "toys" include soft rubbery ones, plastic, small balls (which could cause the puppy to choke) and wood (it has a tendency to splinter and get stuck in the puppy's throat). Metal toys can cut the puppy's mouth, gums and even its tongue etc. There is a huge array toys that are available for puppies and that are made according to the puppy's age, breed, and need. If you choose a ball for your puppy, make sure to buy one that is larger than the puppy's mouth so that hedoes not swallow and run the risk of choking. These types of balls are made out of special materials that cannot be torn by the animal. Whenever you are playing with your puppy and he pulls at his leash, don't get in on it and follow his game by pulling on the leash and making him hang from it etc. The puppy's teeth could be coming in and he could lose them by playing these types of games, in the case of permanent teeth; the puppy would completely lose that or those teeth. Another good reason to not motivate you puppy to pull and bite at the leash is so that he does not get used to doing this and turn it into a bad habit that will stay with him until he is a full grown adult. Some puppies have difficulties and cry when they are growing because their articulations hurt them and this sometimes causes them to have difficulty walking. Even though this often times happens and there is no need to freak out about it, it is still recommended you take the puppy the veterinarian so he or she can check him. There are certain diseases that begin this way when a dog is still a puppy.

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