Dog Rear End Cleaning - Dog Butt or Bum Cleaning

For dog butt wiping you use a humid cloth. This cleaning s important in long haired dogs to avoid remaining excrement. When the dog rubs it's butt on the ground it has little to do with being dirty or marking it's territory, it's when the anal glands are obstructed. This is very bothersome for the dog and represents a social handicap in it's relationship with other dogs.

A veterinarian should resolve the obstruction and possible inflammation. Nevertheless, it can be caused by a worm invasion which causes itching, in this case you need to treat the dog with medications.

When the dog scratches itself it might be because of parasites. It can de fleas, ticks or lice which may be hard to detect. They feed on skin, lay their eggs in hair and suck blood. Diagnosing parasites is up to the veterinarian, who will prescribe the adequate treatment. Nonetheless there are very effective solutions, which when applied regularly keep your dog parasite free. They are spot-on preparations, which are applied on to point of the body. The active ingredients are absorbed through the skin and distributed throughout the body, therefore the next time a parasite feeds it will fall dead. These products are harmless, both for humans and dogs, since the active ingredient stays on the body and disappears after approximately four weeks.

Dogs food supply

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