Why a Dog Looses Equilibrium or Balance

Another possible cause is infections in the middle ear. Infections can sometimes cause paralysis in the facial and ocular muscles. Half of the dogs face becomes droopy and the dog drools through one side of its mouth. Although they are rare, infections of the middle ear make the head of the dog incline 90 and sometimes even more, the dog becomes dizzy, and even more so when its nervous or stressed. Many times, the animal is unable to remain standing straight and it walks tracing circles in the same direction. Ear infections are treated with antibiotics and whenever possible, throughsurgical drainage. Facial and ocular paralysis is sometimes irreversible, but dogs are able to recover their sense of equilibrium up to a certain extent. Cerebral lesions that have been caused because of a fractured skull, tumors, and drug or pharmaceutical intoxication, can also cause a dog to lose it's sense of equilibrium. There are other additional symptoms that can be convulsive fits, like sudden fainting or extreme depression. A dog can begin to behave strangely, like banging its head against a wall or walking around in circles. If the problem the dog has is in its brain, the dog will have difficulty coordinating it's movements, and the dog will show this by shaking, hip hopping and walking without coordination or by standing and twisting its body into strange positions. The prognosis and treatment of this varies a lot depending on the cause of the disorder.

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