Scottish terrier Haircut Grooming Hair Cut

How to groom a Scottish Terrier: Shave the dog's head starting at two centimeters behind the eyebrows until the back of the neck. Shave the separation in between the eyebrows. After having shaved a third of the outer eyebrows, go down by the cheeks from the outer angle of the eye and shave the front part of the cheeks from the internal margin of the eye until the lips. Shave the exterior and interior part of the ears and keep a lock of hair at the beginning of the ear lobes and in between these. Use blade number 7 to cut the hair on the area that goes from the cross until the tail, the sides and the lower part of the tail can be cut with the serrated scissors. Go down the sides guiding them by a line that goes from the top part of the shoulder blade until the top of the buttocks. Shave using blade number 8,5 or use a trimmer to do the posterior part of the ear until behind the shoulder. The shoulder should beleft clear of hair as well as the throat and chest, bScottish terrier Grooming & Haircuttingut do leave some locks of hair in between the legs.

Shave the abdomen using number 10 as well as the contour of the sex, and the top inner sides of the thighs. Pull the hair out from inside of the ears. Next, trim the nails and untangle the long hair that is left.

Bathe the dog and then go over the cut parts again. Remember to join the longer and shorter extremities and parts with the trimmer. Cut the coat tail marking the sides behind the ribs. Cut the contour of the feet round without cutting the part above though. You can give shape to the ears with the straight scissors (be very careful when doing this).

Material to use: Electric trimmer number 10, 7/8, 8, 5). Teasel, comb, trimmer, straight, curved and serrated scissors, nail clippers.

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