Semi moisture dog food

These foods have a substance of moisture from 15% to 25%, while the dry flours have 10% approximately and the canned foods 75-80% of moisture. The resistance to the variation for bacterial attack is due to the high absorption of having been accustomed to soluble, as sugar, therefore, will add conservatives to avoid attack of molds. The remaining ingredients are chopped cooked meats, vegetable proteins, cereals, minerals and vitamins.The foods with a half content of moisture usually formulate as complete diets. Their big advantages are the variety of colors and forms that can get ready by means of understanding and, in the event of suiting, introducing containers of easy opening or they are divided in portions with a certain weight. These properties are share by cakes and expanded flours although the soft and humid foods are but flavorful due to the presence of sugar and fresh meats. Their preservation is acceptable, since it has the tendency to dry off.

Recipes for Dogs

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