Should I deworm my dog regularly? How to deworm a dog.

Yes, specially in a house with kids. Disinfecting takes place to fight against the intestinal worms, like the Toxocara, than can expand directly, as well as tapeworms. For the latter, different medicines may be needed. It's recommendable to administrate the dose semiannually to adult dogs, butpuppies and younger dogs need a more frequent treatment. Treatment against tapeworms also requires a control over intermediary guests when these are fleas or louses. In zones with sheep, a special care must be observed due to the threat of the hydatid tapeworm.

How to deworm a dog?
Consult your veterinary a recommendable regime for your zone. Probably it would be better to get some disinfecting pills from your veterinary, though products can be bought some other place without prescription. If you buy it somewhere else, be sure following instruction over dose administration. Less toxic preparations, recently available, tend to be restricted for veterinary uses.

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