Spitz haircut Haircut Dog Grooming Hair Cut

Instructions for grooming a Spitz Dog: Shave the dog's abdomen, contour of the sex, crotch and around the anus if necessary with blade number 10. Do the lower part of the legs with blade number 7/8. Brush very carefully the whole body in the direction of where the hair grows and then against it. Do this first with the hard teasel to get rid of the knots, then use the soft teasel, and finally use the comb to make sure there aren't any knots left. The inner coats on these dogs don't usually tend to get tangled but the outer coat is very furry and abundant meaning this part can get very tangled if the dog is not taken care of well when shedding. Because of this make sure that before going through with the grooming, to gSpitz haircutet rid of all the knots and mats. If you are having a very difficult time the de matting comb or a metal comb can be very useful; make sure though to be very careful and not hurt the dog's skin. Once you have gotten rid of all the knots, proceed to trim the nails, pull the hairs from inside the dogs ears and bathe him.

Once the dog is bathed, dry him with the hair dryer on low. Brush his coat again using the fine teasel and comb all over the dog's body. Use the serrated scissors to very carefully cut around the margins of the ears to give them a triangular shape. Brush the hair back and even out the dangling hairs. Finally, clean the contour of the paws with the serrated scissors and brush the hair outwards to eliminate the excess hair.

Material to use: Electric trimmer, blades number 10, 7/8. teasels, metal comb, serrated scissors, nail clippers.

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