Hurt Dog - Dog Pain Symptoms & Causes

Limping Dog: Unwillingness to support its weight on any given leg. React violently when the owner or anyone tries to see the affected area. Licking exaggeratedly one leg. Maintaining one leg elevated at all times

Possible causes: Traumatism, stings, wounds, object incrustations, fractures, sprains

Dog has Difficulty to seat, lie down or stand up: Before, after or during exercise.


Possible causes: Arthritis/ Arthrosis

Dog is Walking "shrunk": With an arched back with or without difficulty to adopt normal posture when urinating. Unwilling to be touched in the back, possible decrease of muscle mass in the lumbar area

Possible causes: Espondilosis / Vertebrate disorder

Dog has a Fixed stare: Eyes almost closed, light and repetitive head movements to both sides, scratching the head against the legs, another animal's body or furniture, etc


Possible causes: Neuralgia / Nervous migraine



Dog is Scratching its eyes with his leg: Persistently, or against furniture, carpets, rugs, curtains, etc.

Possible causes: Ocular infections

Shaking the head violently: Scratching permanently using hind or back legs, rubbing its head against walls, furniture, etc.


Possible causes : Middle and internal ear infections

Dog is Continuous yawning: Drooling, coughing, lack of appetite or only eating minimal quantities, showing some difficulty when swallowing.


Possible causes: Dental, gingival or throat infections



Dog has Difficulty moving: Rubbing lateral abdomen against walls or furniture. Yawning dropping legs to the floor, trying to lick its abdominal area, difficulties when urinating, unwilling to get out of bed, drinking large amounts of water, dorsal area excessively curved.

Possible causes: Abdominal complaints. Unusual objects in the stomach or intestine preliminaries to a possible gastric torsion


Licking penis or vulva continuously: Showing difficulty to urinate, rejecting to be touched, dorsal zone extremely curved.

Possible causes: Cystitis, vaginitis or prostatitis: renal complaints or infections, sharp or mild


Dog is Continuous licking or even biting the anal area: Drags the anal area throughout the floor after it defecates or even without defecating. Sitting extremely carefully looking backwards at all times.

Possible causes: Inflammation of anal glands, sacks complaints caused by hairs that cover
anal area.

When should a Dog veterinarian be consulted? It is necessary to utilize common sense in order to evaluate if some symptoms are actually easy to determinate and to pinpoint the probable illness that affects your dog. Taking a look at all the data displayed previously, it shouldn't be very hard to figure out when a veterinarian is needed. A very important thing any owner must be aware of is that the regular body temperature of the adult dog goes from 38,5° C – 38,8° C, however, in situations of nervousness, excitement, etc., in can be slightly increased, going back to normal in a couple of hours. However, any variation, higher or lower than standard, without justification and prolonged for over 3 hours should be a reason to consult your veterinarian.


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