Feeding a convalescent dog or subject to stress

Dogs which are out of shape need special nutritious needs. Among them, we can include dogs that are recovering from an infectious illness, surgical operation or serious shocks, female dogs after gestation, childbirth, nursing, and dogs that suffer an intense parasitic infestation. The diet should contain a superior proportion to the normal of protein: eggs, milk, cheese, meat and fish. Do not cook the meals in excess. You should administer a supplement of vitamins and minerals in the quantity suggested by the product. Some diets use for convalescent people are excellent for stress dogs, although they should be completed with high quality protein and vitamins to help the dog'snecessities.

Golden rules in dog feeding

Dog food code

  1. To give a nutritious and balanced diet
  2. To distribute the food one or twice a day regularly in the hours
  3. Not to overfeed neither to give goodies among the foods
  4. Not to change the unnecessary diet
  5. Consult the veterinarian immediately if the dog is sick

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