Dog Genitals & Urogenital System of Dogs

It has two parts which are independent and perfectly defined. On one hand we have the organs that compose the urinary system, which have the mission of eliminating the body's wastes. It consists of two kidneys and the urinary tract. The dog genitals and its system is composed of the gonads, which have the mission of producing cells that intervene in reproduction together with the reproductive tract and the organs that intervene in the copulation.

Description of the Urinary Apparatus
their main function is to purify the blood through filtering; they usually way from 40 to 60 grams, depending on the size of the individual. It retains toxic substances which are diluted into urinary system

Bladder: it is the only organ in the shape of a bag that holds urine until it is finally eliminated.

Urethra: it leaves the bladder and gets rid of the urine. It is longer in males than in females.

Description of the Male's Genital Apparatus
It is formed by two oval testicles, which are held inside a bag called the scrotum which keeps them below the normal body temperature; the testicles are in charge of producing the sperm and the testosterone, the male hormone.

Each of them has an epididymis and vas deference.

dog genitalsThe male's genital apparatus consists of this gland called the prostate, which it shares with the urinary system, the urethra and the penis. In the base of the penis, which is made of erectile tissue; during sexual intercourse the top of it gets swollen; this is known as the knot.

We must say that in the dog's penis there is a small bone formation, known as the pineal bone.

Description of the Female's Reproductive Organ
It is formed by two ovaries which are located behind each kidney and wrapped in a protective bag, which are connected with the uterus through fine tubes, known as the fallopian tubes. The primary mission of the ovaries is the production of ovules and the female hormones responsible for ovulation and gestation.

The uterus in females has the shape of a Y. The uterine horns leave each fallopian tube and ovary, this is where the embryos are kept during the first part of gestation; they are very fine. Both of these end up in the uterus, which is wider and shorter and is separated from the vagina by a muscle known as the cervix. The vagina is long in proportion to the animal, it connects with the exterior through what is called the vestibule, in which the orifice of the urethra coincides. Finally at the end you will find the vulva, which is the visible part of the female's genital apparatus.

The females also have five or more pairs of mammary glands in two parallel lines and they each end up in a nipple.The Nervous System

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