How to keep dog out of trash. Trash Digging Dogs. Dog Bone.

How to keep dog out of trash: Some dogs are not shy about eating as much as they can and some of them go to such extents as to scavenge through the trash. The best way how to keep dog out of trash is to train the dog to not do so and obviously, to keep trash cans away from them as much as possible. Remember that there are lots of bacteria in trash and if they eat something rotten it can cause them to get very sick.

Dog Bones

Leave my bone alone: Dogs in their wild state need to compete with others to get their food. Once they have it though, they need to save it. If they lose their food, it could mean a long period of hunger is coming up. Because ofthis, a dog's motivation to keep the food he has is very strong. Possession seems to be the most important; smaller dogs actually defend their food more than the bigger, stronger ones.

Stay away from my bone: Giving a dog a big bone with meat on it is like giving chocolate to a kid. A lot of smaller dogs try and feel the need to protect and keep their bones especially if they have had to face another trying to take it away from them. A dog that does not want you getting near his bone will tense up his body and will even be willing to bite if necessary. The dog will extend his lips back to show what his intentions are and will emit and deep persistent growl.

I'll just be taking this bone: Even when a bigger dog is the leader of a pack, he will still be worried about the possibility of getting his bone snatched away from him by his smaller and weaker companions. The reason dogs do this is to protect their precious possession and to avoid the possibility of any confrontations and because it is simply in their nature to do this.

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