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If your female dog manages to escape your property while she is in heat and then comes home impregnated, the veterinarian can interrupt the unwanted gestation by giving the dog some injections; the first one of these should be done on the first day the dog copulated or before two days is over. After this procedure the female will still be in heat, therefore you should still keep the dog in the house until she comes out of heat.

Spaying female dogs

Spaying a female dog is the most popular and most effective way of preventing the dog from becoming impregnated. Spaying a female dog allows the owner to rest at ease from all the dangers and discomfort that can occur while the dog is in heat. It also helps to avoid certain diseases from

showing up in the dog. If you are not intending for your female dog to reproduce, or if your dog has already had puppies, spaying the dog can be a very advantageous option. The operation to spay a female dog consists of extirpating the dog's uterus as well as both ovaries and removing them by making an incision in the abdomen. The recovery time after this operation is fairly quick and most female dogs go back to their normal lives in a couple days. Extirpating the dog's ovaries not only avoids the problem of the dog becoming impregnated, but it also takes all of the risks and inconveniences that come along with it.

Advantages of spaying a female dog

  • The problem with the dog going into heat twice a year, every year, ends.
  • The risk of contracting breast cancer reduces almost completely.
  • If the dog is spayed at a young age, the probabilities of getting diabetes mellitus reduce. Diabetes is associated with hormonal changes in female dogs.
  • Unwanted pregnancies will not occur.
  • Female dogs that are spayed do not escape the house; meaning they are in less danger of having accidents etc.

Questions and answers
Is it true that if I spay my Rottweiler, Laura, she will become fat?
A: There are some female dogs that tend to gain weight easily, but this does not need to occur if you continue encouraging your dog to do the same exercise as always and if you notice that she is gaining weight, put her on a diet. Talk about this with your veterinarian.

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