Dog Licking his Paw Excessively -Dog Licking Foot

When a dog licks his paws excessively: Besides limping, another very obvious signal of a lesion is when a dog is constantly licking and biting at his paw trying to alleviate his pain this way. If you notice that your dog only licks at one of his paws, most likely he just has a localized lesion such as a small cut or cyst. However, if both paws are affected, it's possible the dog has a coetaneous allergy and in these cases the dog will need to get several tests such as blood tests, biopsies, etc. A dog constantly licking at his paw can also cause him to get dermatitis. This usually occurs when a dog constantly licks at one particular part of his body (usually the paw), so much so that he rids that part of his body of hair. As time goes on, the skin forms into an ul

cer, and it bulges and changes color. Excessive licking can be caused because of several factors such as boredom, pain, parasites, as well as different types of allergies. Diagnosing this can be quite difficult, and a complete medical history will need to be done. The treatment depends on the cause of the ailment and it can consist of ointments, creams, or behavior therapy when the problem is psychological. Another problem is if a splinter or a spiked seed gets stuck in the dog's toes, it can gradually get stuck further inside the skin until it is completely inside. Usually this then forms into a cyst or painful and irritating lump, which sometimes pops on its own in order to get rid of the foreign object causing it to secrete and bleed. Cysts must get treated by a veterinarian and in the cases when they are very painful, it will be necessary to anesthetize the dog. After the foreign object has been removed, usually antibiotics need to be given to the dog to avoid infections from occurring.

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