When Weaning a Puppy

In fact, the puppies will grow perfectly healthy with a two abundant balanced diet. The weight earning will be normal and it will not produce harm to the dogs. It is possible to use a simple system for the weaning where you offer two meals from the time that the puppy has two months old. The recommended method for the weaning is from the second group. Place a deep dish that contains milk at a room temperature to the puppies or dog, induce them to lick or wet your finger with milk rubbing on his mouth so they can taste the milk. Repeat this method several times during the day at mealtime. Consult the selection of flour for puppies to avoid complications on their protein since it should only have about 20% as minimum.

You may reinforce this with minerals and vitamins. Mix the flour with the same volume of boiled milk, let the mixture cooled down until blood temperature. Offer this twice a day and continue administering milk only at noontime. When using flour for puppies with less protein, you must add a small quantity of chopped meat that is cooked or use canned meat. After mixing everything with milk, serve the meat in small quantities; be careful since the liver is a little laxative. At the beginning, the puppies will only lick the milk although you are increasing the quantity of solid foods every day. Meanwhile the dog's milk production will be drying, for this reason, the puppies must have water all the time. The mother will be absent long periods during the day but will remain with her puppies during the night. As the puppies' appetite increases, increase the quantity of flour in the dog's food. You may add meat but maintain the quantity of milk given. This determines that the mixture is progressively drier and it will benefit the dog's teeth. When the puppies have about six weeks they will eat with greediness and they will be out of the weaning process. At the same time, the mother will be very dry and it will be safe to separate her from her litter. Some time in the six weeks, you may interrupt the consumption of the midday milk and the administered of four in the two meals. It is a habit to continue the consumption of milk until they are six months old. The convenient quantities oscillate from 140 ml per day for small Breeds up to 560 ml daily for giant Breeds, but remember that not all mature dogs can digest the milk easily. Blend the milk with the food although it is preferable to give it separately. To be sure that each puppy receives his part, feed him or her separately.

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