Why do dogs eat poop?

This is a topic (Why do dogs eat poop) which I do not like to talk much about. I love dogs very much and believe that they can be the most beautiful of companions. But there are some habits which they can acquire which are truly revolting. One of these is eating their excrement (poop). Now in the wild dogs eat the intestines of their prey which are of course filled with excrement and dogs which live on farms also have been known to often eat horse manure and the like. So it seems that naturally dogs find needed nutrients in certain herbivore excrement. But why they revert to eating their own feces is quite an interesting question. I guess one could suppose that when a dog is faced with a lack of proper nourishment, they seek a substitute. If they cannot find the natural one due to the restricted lifestyle that most city dogs lead they seek out the next best solution which unfortunately happens to be eating their own poop or that of other dogs which they are around.

Dogs have been a large part of my life since I was a child. As a toddler I was terrified of canines, so my parents proceeded to purchase me my very own four footed friend. Well that little guy was the terror of the backyard but it cured me of my apprehension towards dogs. From that time I have had innumerable dogs of every shape, size and race. I have lived and traveled in many different countries and had many different experiences both good and bad but dogs have always been my steady companion throughout all my travels. Their unquestioning love and loyalty, their desire to please and make happy and their amazing ability to overlook your faults and see you as a friend is truly unique. When you love a dog and a dog loves you there are few things in the World which can compare. Needless to say the habit of a dog eating their own poop is very distasteful and dirty. Thankfully this is not one of the most common problems facing dog owners nor is it an incurable problem. With love, patience and help from the professionals this problem can usually be dealt with. If you notice that your dog is eating his feces you should seek help right away as once it becomes a habit it is much more difficult to deal with.

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