Why dogs get thirsty

Dogs get thirsty when they have a fever or when their kidneys are not functioning correctly and this causes the dog to drink a lot of water because of the amount it loses when it urinates. Another problem that could cause excessive thirst is psychological problems and this also causes a dog to urinate more than normal. Malignant tumors elevate the level of calcium in the blood and it makes the dogs body lose more fluids than normal which in turn causes the dog to be thirsty. There are certain hormonal problems that can also cause a dog to be excessively thirsty such as Cushing Syndrome,Diabetes Insipidus, and Diabetes Mellitus. Diabetes Mellitus causes the pancreas to not produce any or enough insulin, which is the hormone in charge of controlling the amount of sugar (glucose) in the blood. This disease is fairly common in purebreds; 1 out of every 100 dogs has it. If this problem is not treated the dog's state worsens progressively, it stops urinating, goes into a coma and dies. However Diabetes can be controlled by administering a daily insulin injection in the dog, a controlled diet, and moderate daily exercise.

Symptoms of increased thirst in a dog

  • The dog constantly goes to his water bowl to drink
  • The dog spends more time drinking water than normal
  • The dog's water bowl is always empty, and you constantly have to refill it
  • The dog begins to drink water from places he normally wouldn't have such as, toilets, puddles etc.
  • The dog urinates more than normal.

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