Hunting Dog Breeds Care and Training

There are many varieties of hunting dog breeds and to go into a detailed explanation of each one would be both time consuming and hold little benefit to the reader. What you will find here is based on the belief that what is most interesting to a hunter is information about those breeds that combine the best qualities of hunting breeds in general and not necessarily every single breed individually. Apart from the well known hunting breeds (that we will be talking about) there exist many other breeds of dogs that fall into the general category of hunters but whose role is either undefined or can perform nothing more than an exclusive and restricted role in fact in many cases a mixed breed would be more beneficial to the hunter than one of these breeds. One point about mixed breeds is that there are people who are completely against them but who then will acknowledge pure breeds that are hardly fit to be called upon to perform the difficult and demanding task of accompanying their masters on the hunt. These are dogs that constantly need water to drink or that cannot handle heat or long treks and that due to their pronounced weaknesses are not even worthy to be given the title hunting dog. For these reasons and others that we will be looking more closely at later on we have chosen to dedicate our time to dealing with a limited number of breeds that are truly what we consider to be an asset to a hPortable Travel Dog Kennelunter. Within the breeds we will be discussing there are pointers, retrievers and trackers, with some breeds incorporating all three of these qualities. Now every breed produces dogs that are good and bad examples of that breed. What will be doing is speaking of the breed in general and not highlighting some unique or solitary examples. When a hunter is choosing what breed best suits their needs they must look at the overwhelming evidence that is seen as prevalent amongst the dogs of a particular breed.

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