Dog Insurance

When searching the internet for a dog insurance company I came across some information that really helped me better understand my dog. I found out that it is important to sit down and work out what the triggers are that set off your dog. When you can pinpoint the things that make your dog react in a way, which is unacceptable, then you can plan out how to teach your dog the correct reaction in these situations. Trying to teach your dog when he is in the middle of a crazy spell will not have good results. When your dog is frantic he is not listening nor in a receptive mind frame. When does your dog lose control? What is happening at the moment? What occurred right before the incident? Were you walking and met someone? Had you been sitting when someone approached? Is it children that your dog finds irresistible? Looking at these factors will help you decided what it is that distracts your dog the most.

After you have figured out what the biggest distraction is and what triggers your dog's wild and uncontrollable antics. Sit down and map out how you plan to teach your dog to disregard the triggers and instead provide other behavior. You should break big distractions down into small steps. Start out slow and help your dog to learn that these distractions are controllable with self-control. He must understand what it is you want and expect from him. Make sure you start him off in a distraction free location and slowly progress to include multiple distractions. Punishing a dog for jumping can seem to have an immediate benefit as he apparently stops. The problems lie in the fact that the punishment doesn't teach your dog an alternative correct behavior. The best thing you can do is train your dog to Sit/Stay instead of jumping. Make sure that you reward heavily every time your dog doesn't jump and soon enough he will be a more well mannered dog.

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