Canadian Pet Insurance

Canadian pet insurance is different for certain types of dogs. There are a few policies that provide coverage for cats; however, this type of policy is rare, since cats most often pose no threat. The third party will provide liability coverage to owners whose animal has caused harm, either by biting or damaging property. The damage or injures include vicious dog insurance coverage for animal attacks on other animals. Thus, pet coverage is the standard coverage allotted to pet owners, while third party is a secondary coverage to owners of aggressive pets. Like many types of insurance, the policy will reimburse owners if they are found liable due to animal attack. The process of reimbursement is similar to other types of coverage, only you are submitting the claim, summons, insurance policy number, writs, police reports, and other documents imposed as a result of the attack. Once the company receives your claim, the company will make contact with you providing additional instructions if applicable. The policy will cover you if your dog attacked another human being, caused damage to property, or caused an accident. Thus, it is wise to obtain a comprehensive coverage plan if you have an aggressive animal, especially a policy that will come to your defense if you are accused of negligence. It is important that you not sign documents as the third party or other type documents until you have submitted your claims. If you sign papers, stating you are at fault the company will have difficulty defending you. Pets have been known to cause accidents, thus pet insurance policies that cover liability are an option in most instances when it comes to protecting your pet and self.

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