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When reading up about pet care health insurance I learnt that a female dog's heat cycle lasts for about three weeks. The dog will have a bloody discharge during this time as well. The discharge of blood is stronger at the beginning of the cycle and then starts to reduce as it advances. During this stage the female will attract male dogs that are able to smell her from long distances. Around the middle stage of the heat, the female dog will begin to feel the same anxiousness and desirous of male dogs. In order to avoid unwanted pregnancies it's recommended to have the female dog stay inside your house or property and keep the dog on a leash when going out on walks etc. You should also avoid going to places that are frequented by other dogs. If you want to avoid your female dog from going into heat, there are injections the veterinarian can inject into the dog that lasts approximately five months. This kind of injection interferes the reproductive cycle of the female dog, however, if the treatment is interrupted, the reproductive cycle of the dog goes back to normal, obviously meaning that the dog is then able to become impregnated again. Interrupting these kinds of treatments can also affect the future fertility of the dog, which is why it's not recommended, especially if you are intending for your female dog to have puppies later on. It can also increase the chances of breast cancer and diabetes. There are hormonal pills that allow you to temporarily postpone the heat of the dog and which are useful for example, when you have a dog show etc. There are also other types of products such as sprays and aerosols that cover the smell of the female dog in heat; however, they have not proven to be the most effective.

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