Vicious Dog Insurance

I was reading an article about vicious dog insurance and how to help keep you dog from doing something that you would be liable for. Dog owners should train their pets to be sociable and by doing this potentially dangerous situations can be avoided. Factors that can lead to aggression in dogs include:

  • keeping a dog cooped up or chained in one place for long periods of time
  • hot weather
  • noise
  • a change of home and owner
  • pack instinct if two dogs or more are together
  • lack of socializing early in life
  • If dogs and children are sharing the same environment, everyone needs to be aware of the potential risk, says the RSPCA. Some dogs are wonderful with children, others might react if they are provoked.

The RSPCA recommends neutering for pets and this can also reduce aggression in male dogs.

As a responsible dog owner, it is important for you to meet with the requirements of the law and you may be required to get vicious dog insurance. There are a number of Acts and Orders which all dog owners should be aware of. One such law requires that every dog, while in a public place, wears a collar with the name and address of his owner inscribed on it or on a disc attached to it. If a collar is not worn when out in a public place, the dog may be seized by the police and treated as a stray. Also the owner, and any person in charge of the dog permitting him to be in a public place without a collar, will each be guilty of an offense and may be prosecuted and fined.

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