Dog Pain Medication

My dog needs to take pain medication every day. Because of his age his dog pain medication is very important for him. I was explaining this to a friend that was also asking me about why it is necessary to have a dog house and kennel. They said that if you have a good sized kennel with a sturdy kennel cover then what need would there be to also give the dog a dog house. Well the answer is that it isn't always required to have a dog house inside of the dog kennel. Much depends on the type of kennel that you have. Some kennels have dog house like living areas already built onto them while other kennels are much more simple and are basically just a heavy duty wire mesh perimeter system with maybe a cover over them. A kennel with a built in living, sleeping and eating area would not normally need to have a separate dog house included but the basic fenced area dog kennel is more of a candidate for a doghouse. But even these don't always require dog houses inside of them. If the weather is mild and the breed is strong, rugged and bread for outdoor work and/or living then it would not normally be essential to give them a separate dog house as long as they do have a bed or some adequate sleeping arrangement.

If however the breed is susceptible to climate changes or the weather is prone to extremes (hot or cold) then it is in the dog's best interest to provide it with a suitable dog house. Any dog house should be insulated to add to the protective barrier it gives the dog and if the weather really gets hot (dry or humid) or cold (with snow or rain) then it is also recommended to attach a climate control system to the dog house.

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