Dog Seizure Medication

Since my dog suffers from seizures and must use dog seizure medication I did a very thorough investigation into what would be the best kind of enclosure for it to live in. It is possible to get a special dog run house that you place inside of the dog run and it is possible to get a dog run that already has a dog house built into it. Keeping your dog's run and house dry and clean is vital to the well being of your dog. Equally keeping your dog's living areas germ and parasite free can mean the difference between a miserable dog and a fit and full of life one. What goes into keeping your dog's run and house clean? Well the answer lies in being consistent and thorough. If you clean the run but not the inside of the doghouse then you haven't really done enough and if you clean throughout the dog run and house but don't disinfect the whole thing then again there is still something left undone. This is one of the reasons why it is a good idea to purchase a dog run with a big gate. Trying to get your dog's house out of the run through a gate that is too small would just be a constant headache but if the gate was large then you could simply carry out the doghouse and place it a safe distance away while you cleaned, scrubbed and disinfected the dog run. Be sure to give the dog run fence a good going over regularly as well because bugs like to make their homes in the dirt and dog hair that often get caught in the wire mesh of the fencing. If you get a dog run with fences that have extended legs this will help you keep the bottom part of the fence (where the fence is in contact with the ground) free of bugs.

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