Dog Worm Medicine

Dog worm medicine has helped save the lives of countless active dogs. Dogs that are very active naturally enjoy hunting, in other words, searching, stalking, chasing, and hunting their prey. Dogs are naturally very playful animals. Playing is a way they find out who is the strongest dog or weakest. Playing is also beneficial because it helps a dog get the necessary exercise and helps the dog coordinate his movements and teaches him hunting abilities. One very good game to play with active dogs is "hide and seek" and not only your dog will benefit from this, but you will as well. For this game you should not only be the one who chases the dog, but your dog should chase you as well. Be careful though that to not let the dog get too excited and jump over you, if this happens, ignore him for a little while.

The advantage of fetch is that you as the dog's owner can participate in this game without wearing yourself out. For this game you will need to teach the dog to bring the object back to you, instead of keeping it. Don't get the dog used to playing with sticks or branches because they could cause the dog to get splinters in his mouth. Small balls are also dangerous objects to play with, because they could get stuck in the dog's throat. Almost all dogs enjoy pulling on a rope with all their strength or on a cloth that does not break. Some dogs though, turn this game into a superiority contest; so don't always allow your dog to win. If the dog starts growling while playing this game, stop playing immediately, and take the toy away from the dog and don't give it back to him.

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