Dogs Eating Fish

Fish is not an advisable food for dogs: it is too watery and it lacks blood. However there are some canine breeds, like the Portuguese water spaniel, which trapped the fish themselves, or certain Nordic breed which feed almost exclusively on fish and they are perfectly healthy. But the sea or river fish they eat is fresh and tender and easy to eat. The natives of many Thailand's in the South harpoon the fish and eat it raw. If you're going to give your dog fish which has already been kept for a while, you must treat it in the same way that he went three a rabbit or falconry, for example, by submerging it in very hot water to return the meat to its natural softness. Throughout my trips I have observed how cats trapped fish in shallow waters, taking them out of the water wave their claws and, naturally, eating them completely raw, of course.

For your canine's diet, the best fish are mackerel and herring, because they are rich in fat (which is something that a dog's diet usually lacks), in freshvitamin B and in essential minerals.

You must always get on the guts, only eliminating the guts. It is healthy to sprinkle a little bit of oat flakes on the fish. You can give your dog fish once or twice a week, as a variation to the raw meat diet. Canned tuna fish is very the Trish is and doesn't have any more conservative than salt and oil; nevertheless, in our days isn't safe to eat tuna fish because of the chemical toxins that are found in the fish themselves; these toxins are a result of the waste is that we dump into the sea.

Any whitefish, for example, codfish, flounder, etc. slightly steamed constitutes the first ideal protein food that you can give your dog when he is sick, after that you have to follow with raw meat.

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