Giving Carob Bean to your Dog

The carob been (Long pod containing small beans and sweetish edible pulp; used as animal feed and source of a chocolate substitute) is something I am very interested in popularizing as it is a very healthy food for dogs, in the same way that I promoted the use of algae for canine use, a long time ago. Carob bean is the fruit of the tree that gives it its name, the carob, also called the locust tree or tree of St. John (the pods are called "bread of St. John", because, according to legend, John the Baptist fed exclusively on carob beans during years, in the same way that many Jewish rabbis when they were hiding from Roman soldiers). The fruit that can keep a person living for many years is obviously important, and up-to-date it hasn't been sprinkled with chemical pesticide substances.

The carob bean is rich in essential sugars and possesses all the most relevant and minerals and vitamins. Dogs love it. If you get the puppies used to eating it from a very young age, they will continue in loving it the rest of their lives. My greyhounds regularly eat carob beans and skillfully spit out the seeds. Before giving it to the dog, remove the sharp tip from the top.

I have added powdered carob bean to my nutritional formula for puppies and young dogs, which serves as protection against hip dysplasia, obtaining very positive results

The carob bean, that ancient food from Mother Nature, has been submitted, in recent years, to intense testing on the laboratory animals, and our modern scientists have condemned the carob bean stating that it is harmful, adding its good name to their herbal blacklist. Ignore that ridiculous list and trust in the experience that only time can give.

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