Giving Dried Fruit to your Dog

Dogs love all kinds of dried fruit. Many of them open nuts and hazelnuts by themselves, carefully extracting the confidence and refusing to on edible pieces. As the norm, you have to crush the fruits before getting into your dogs; that is the way in which they would find them in the intestines out their preys. Dried fruits provide natural oil and lots of vitamins and minerals. As a tonic for thin dogs and puppies I usually grind dried fruits with a hand mill, and the resulting flour or dust I mix it with milk.

Although peanuts are not really dried fruit, they're also appropriate for dogs. I have seen how in some farms German shepherds go around the fields in search for recently planted penis, which they eat in large quantities. Pine kernels are not real dried fruit either although they constitute an excellent food as well. You can use them in the same way that you would drive root. All these foods are expensive although they are cheaper -- much -- then buying concentrated vitamins in pills.

Peanut butter flower is a very good nutritional compliment for the canine diet and isn't on its pensive product; it is rich in oils and minerals, as well as in nitrates and proteins because it belongs to the family of legumes; this flour, added to cereals, is an excellent bodybuilder. The dried fruit that you use to make flour must be in its natural state, raw; if they are toasted, they become very indigestible. As peanuts grow underground, they're generally not treated with pesticides. Dried fruit go rancid and ferment very rapidly, becoming harmful, so it is better to grind fresh grains -- this measure applies to all dried fruits -- only when you need them; the preparation will only take you a short time.

Almonds with their peel can also be converted into nutritious flour. It is not necessary to peel them because if you did so you would be using lots of minerals. The average dose you use as flour, both from peanuts and from almonds, will be the teaspoon a couple days a week; of course this dose is for a middle sized dog.

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