Giving Honey to your Dog

I think I could never raise dogs correctly without turning to this notable anti-septic food. Of course, it is not a normal carnivorous food, although the lien and appreciates on a comma which is considered, besides, a fundamental food of the vegetarian bear, one of the strongest animals among all species. Honey is the best source of natural energy; it is also a tonic for the nervous system and, more so, of the heart; it is, in fact, the only cardiac stimulant which is not a chemical medication. Since it has already been predigested by the tiny beings, the bees, that elaborate it, it is immediately absorbed by the blood of the consumer. It has been proven on countless occasions since already a long time ago that Honey possesses exceptional therapeutic virtues and that it inhibits the development of pathogenic bacteria in all the digestive system and then it eliminates the back areas of toxic origin.

Hippocrates, the father of medicine, great phytotherapist of the ancient Greece, used to possess two basic remedies with which he used to cure all kinds of diseases: Hydro-Honey (water and honey) was the first remedy; the second was Oxi-Honey (honey and vinegar).

In a famous orphanage in France, the children who are sick receive a prolonged diet based on milkl and honey for many weeks, with which they get notable results. The mother of Edmund Hillary, the apiculturist from New Zealand who, thanks to his exceptional resistance, was able to, along with his sherpa Tensing, make the first climb of Mount Everest in 1953, stated that her son's notable resistance was greatly due to the enormous quantities of milk that he had taken as a child. I will never insist enough on the importance of the purity of the Honey. The Honey must not be filtered nor heated; this procedure which is used to make the pouring of the substance into the jars easier actually destroys 50% of its healthy properties.

In Indonesia, apart from the medical herbs that I have for my goats, my dogs and for my whole family, I harvest a garden of specially destined herbs for my bees. These are beings that naturally love herbs and get sick of bitter-tasting rue, spicy lavender and acrid rosemary, preferring them to garden roses and other simply ornamental flowers (on the contrary, they are very demanding when searching for wild roses). The honey produced in my herb garden is very healthy, as is natural, and the people come from very far to buy it; and the bees themselves have an excellent health and possess a complete resistance to many diseases that other bees in this region suffer from, because they are fed on white sugar.

Give Honey to the puppies in their milk, and to sick dogs give it to them in their water, if they drink it, or in the shape of balls which you could introduce into their throats. Honey can also be used as an external treatment against burns.

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